✨Extended features

#REQUEST "side_lane true"

For compatibility, lane with 0~1、e~f(and greater) are ignored. You can type the snippet below to disable ignoring.

#REQUEST "side_lane true"

#REQUEST "lane_offset <number>"

Move entire lane by <number>.

Notes ID 3 (FLICK Notes)

If they are not placed on slide midpoints, they are parsed as Trace Notes.

You can PERFECT trace notes by holding screen (ref: Drag notes in Phigros)

You can use upper AIR (Directional notes with ID 1, 3, or 4) to add flick, also hide arrow with downer AIR (Directional notes with ID 2).

You can make them critical by adding ExTap (notes with ID 2).

Trace slides

You can add FLICK notes to remove tap check from slide start and/or end.

Notes ID 4 (DAMAGE Notes)

The name says it all; you will have MISS judgement by touching.

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