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This guideline is for the charts posted on Chart Cyanvas.
If content of this guideline does not match Japanese guideline, Japanese guideline will be applied.


You must follow these rules when posting a chart.


You must not post a chart that is a copy of an existing chart. Leaked charts are also prohibited.
Note that charts which has very simple modification, such as adding flick to all notes, are also prohibited.


You must not post an unfinished chart. You can post a chart that is not completed, but you must not publish it.

Allowed use of music

Some games does not allow fanmade: Such as a new dimension rhythm game, a tatsujin, etc. The charts using disallowed music will be deleted.

Inappropriate content

You must not post a chart that contains inappropriate content, such as religious, political, sexual, or other inappropriate content.


All of these rules may be enforced at moderator's discretion.


You will be warned if you violate the rules above, or any other rules that are not listed here.
Multiple or severe violations may result in deletion of your account and all charts associated with it, along with your Discord account being banned from the Chart Cyanvas Discord server. This means you can no longer post your charts.

Having any complaints?

Chart Cyanvas is open source (sevenc-nanashi/chart_cyanvas), You can host your own Chart Cyanvas instance with your own rules. If you have any complaints, please host your own instance.