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Publishing chart

1. Register a Sonolus account

You can register a Sonolus account on Sonolus, by clicking "Account" button in first screen.

2. Log in to Chart Cyanvas

You can log in to Chart Cyanvas by clicking "Log in" button in top right corner. You should see 8-digit code. Add as a custom server in Sonolus, and enter the code.

3. Setup Discord integration

Join our Discord from side bar, then Tap/Click the server name, then "Linked Roles".

3. Make a chart

You can use MikuMikuWorld for Chart Cyanvas to create chart.

4. Upload your chart

You can upload your chart by clicking your name in top right corner, and clicking "Post chart" button.

5. Test your chart

You can test your chart by searching chart with "Testing" target in Sonolus.
Alternatively, you can use to test your chart. Add the URL as a custom server.

6. Improve your chart

You can find your chart in "My charts" page, and you can edit your chart by clicking "Edit" button.

7. Publish your chart

After testing and editing your chart, you can publish your chart by changing Setting in "Edit chart" page.